Leveraging Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Training for Improved Readiness 


State and Local Governments

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“Leveraging Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Training for Improved Readiness for State and Local Governments”

State and local governments have fallen victim to an increasingly high number of cyber attacks over the years.

These agencies hold highly sensitive data covering entire geographic regions and territories such as social security numbers, healthcare records, and physical addresses.

This makes government agencies an especially sought-after attack target for adversaries looking to steal information. Unfortunately, many of these organizations are not prepared to defend or mitigate.

With low-security budgets, thinly-spread employees, and a lack of cybersecurity awareness training, agencies need cyber defense training more than ever.

What's Inside?

  • Discover cyber readiness solutions tailor-made for state and local government agencies

  • Learn why hands-on cyber training is important for your organization

  • Understand how to utilize the Cloud to scale cyber training

  • Learn how to leverage artificial intelligence to augment your cyber workforce

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