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Transform Distance Learning through Creative and Practical Technology
with Focus on Cybersecurity Education


Panel Discussion: Transform Distance Learning through Creative and Practical Technology with Focus on Cybersecurity Education

The pandemic has created an unprecedented situation for all, especially academic institutions, educators and students. Even as schools work to identify safe ways to re-open in the fall, the reality of how educators will teach courses now and in the future is still a top of mind concern. Additionally, there’s unique pressure on cybersecurity educators during this time as they seek ways to optimize distance learning and blended learning environments in a manner that prepares students to enter the workforce upon graduation to help impact the cyber security industry skills gap.

One thing is certain: today’s educators have the opportunity to use technology in ways that enrich the remote and in-person classroom experience.

We invite you to join Microsoft’s Dina O’Mara and Zion Brewer alongside Circadence’s Dr. Bradley Hayes in a special panel for the Higher Education sector about the practical technology that can help you plan for, sustain, and optimize effective distance learning plans in the wake of COVID-19 developments. A featured section of the webinar will focus on technology that enables hands-on learning for Cybersecurity courses wherever the students are located.

Panelists will discuss:

  • Current trends in the higher education market
  • Challenges and opportunities pertaining to distance learning
  • Technologies for any classroom environment
    • Microsoft Teams for collaboration
    • Microsoft Azure Labs 
  • Technologies for the cyber security classroom
    • Circadence’s Project Ares for hands-on cybersecurity learning

Attendees who attend the live presentation will have the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists, each of whom has unique expertise across the business and academic aspects of higher education. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Best practices for higher education educators to support and enable student learning
  • The business and academic implications of in-person and remote learning environments
  • Tools and technologies that are easy to use in the remote or in-person cybersecurity classroom

Featured Speakers

Dina O'Mara

Global Business Strategy Leader, Learning Platforms and Solutions in Higher Education 

Zion Brewer

Global Technical Business Development and Strategy


Dr. Brad Hayes
CU Boulder and Circadence

Chief Technology Officer at Circadence and Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering and Applied Science & Director of the Collaborative AI and Robotics Lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder. 

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