Time to Reboot: The I/O Psychology of Cyber Security

Date: March
Time: 11:00 AM MST
Duration: 45 min


The cyber security industry is struggling to elevate the workforce, changing corporate behaviors and improving the job environment. Security professionals feel more losses than wins and cultural conflict can be paralyzing. When tools and tech cannot facilitate alignment between security and business strategy, principles of “psychology in the workplace” can be deployed.

By fusing two seemingly unrelated fields, Industrial-Organizational psychology (I-O psychology) and cyber security, leaders can improve the relationship, behaviors and communications between the defenders on the frontlines and the business C-Suite.

Speaker Annalea Ilg of Involta will discuss:

  • Current challenges among cyber leaders as it pertains to organizational resiliency and cyber readiness
  • How cyber security leaders build effective teams using organizational models that leverage psychological theory
  • Personal experiences using psychology in the workplace to improve cyber team morale and job performance

What You'll Learn

  • Learn new trends in cyber teaming activities to build high-demand cyber competencies like collaboration, resiliency, versatility and communication
  • Actionable steps to address alignment between business and cyber security professionals using the I/O psychology discipline
  • How to use the science of behavior to align cyber professionals to business process

Who Should Attend?

  • Cyber security leaders, SOC directors and managers looking to increase opportunities for cyber team professional development and enhance cyber and business alignment across the organization.

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Featured Speaker

  Annalea Ilg

CISO at Involta

Annalea has more than 15 years experience in cyber security and building security teams. She is an influential security leader specializing in information security, governance, compliance and technology. Well-regarded for strategic security enterprise planning, analyzing business value, managing teams and developing partnershipsAnnalea manages holistic risk, navigates appropriately and provides valuable solutions to protect the security, integrity, and continuity of critical organizational functions. She has experience leading a multitude of audits, contract negotiations and implementation of security solutionsand excels at promoting culture change to improve the security, privacy and compliance status of various healthcare, financial and Federal organizations.

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