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Financial service institutions continue to be prime targets for cyber attacks in 2020. To protect mid-market companies from data compromise, financial organizations not only need the tools and the talent to harden posture – they also need persistent training.

Security team leads and frontline defenders are encouraged to attend this webinar to see how the Circadence Project Ares’ platform delivers finance-focused cyber learning exercises to upskill professionals with the latest and greatest abilities to detect, mitigate and thwart incoming threats.

Speaker Todd Humes will discuss:

  • Why the financial sector is inherently at more risk than other industries for cyber attacks
  • What challenges finance security team leaders face as it pertains to cyber training
  • How Project Ares finance-specific missions can upskill cyber team competencies

What You'll Learn

  • How gamification can engage cyber learners of all skill levels
  • What the Project Ares platform looks and feels like from an end-user perspective
  • How to incorporate Project Ares into cyber training for yourself, your financial organization, or your SOC team

Who Should Attend?

Financial cyber security professionals and team leads looking for cyber training solutions to better protect this already vulnerable industry.

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Todd Humes

Senior Mission Designer at Circadence

Todd's background as a Systems Security Engineer make him adept at creating missions based on real-world threats that help cyber teams and individuals across all industries to stay better prepared against hacks.

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