The Future of Cyber Learning:
Cloud-Based Cyber Ranges for Goernment Organizations



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As state and local governments shift operations to the cloud, it is more important than ever to stay on the front lines of cyber defense as cyber pros figure out how to secure cloud-based applications being used by employees.

Speaker Wade Walters will discuss:

  • Why government agencies are adopting cloud computing
  • What security challenges governments face when shifting to the cloud
  • Top security strategies to consider to encourage persistent cyber skills development

What You'll Learn

  • Why cloud-based training is the future of cyber learning for government security professionals
  • How the cloud shift will impact cybersecurity in the government sector
  • How leveraging Project Ares in the cloud scales departmental security training

Who Should Attend?

Government sector cyber professionals, defenders, and team managers/leaders looking to embrace cloud-based cyber training to prepare against threats that emerge from rapid adoption of the cloud.

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Wade Walters

Director of Customer Experience at Circadence

Wade is a global technical product leader with proven results in risk and security. He has been leading Circadence’s customer experience team since March of 2018, and is a technical product leader with proven results in risk and security. He works with various enterprise, government, and academic industries to help improve their cyber readiness through the adoption of Project Ares and gamified, persistent learning.

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