Beyond Concepts: Successful Cyber Defense is Done not Discussed


Technology, tools, and a lot of adaptability have helped today’s teachers confront the challenges of remote teaching head-on to ensure students receive the best learning experience possible. For those teaching cybersecurity in academic settings, the methodologies for instruction have changed forever –perhaps for the better—due to remote teaching requirements.

Remote instruction has enabled teachers and students to be more comfortable (or perhaps just tolerate) the new reality of being “alone together.” The acts of social distancing by participating in virtual classes have prompted teachers to move beyond conceptual instruction and passive delivery to implementing new ways of teaching cyber materials in a manner that is more proactive, engaging, practical, hands-on, and career-oriented for learners. Educators are shifting to a “do” model of teaching cyber defense rather than merely discussing cyber defense.

Hear from Zero Trust Architect and leading practitioner Corey Lee at Microsoft as he shares his observations on how teaching cybersecurity has changed for the better; why educators are hyper-focused on hands-on lab teaching; and how teachers are preparing students for thriving cyber careers.

Attendees will learn:

  • What has the pandemic taught educators about teaching cyber remotely?
  • How are educators shifting teaching methods to better prep students for cyber careers?
  • Why is scenario-based learning critical to cultivating the next generation of cyber professionals AND how can teachers start to groom students to enter the workforce with confidence?

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