Using Gamification and Cyber Range Learning to

Bring the Healthcare Industry Back to Life

Re-prioritizing Cyber Professionals, Processes and Technology

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“Using Gamification and Cyber Range Learning to Bring the Healthcare Industry Back to Life”

The history of cybercrime in the healthcare industry coupled with recent tech advancements has impacted healthcare operations so much that the industry is now in a state of critical condition in terms of its cyber risk.

Medical device vulnerabilities, outdated systems, and staffing remain ever-present challenges that adversaries find attractive to exploit.

Cyber teams in healthcare institutions can proactively anticipate, prevent, and mitigate incoming threats by considering gamified cyber range training as part of their persistent learning opportunities to protect their facilities and ultimately—the patients within them.

What's Inside?

  • History of cybercrime and current vulnerabilities in the healthcare industry

  • Examples of medical institutions affected by cyberattacks

  • Learnings on gamified cyber range training to enhance organizational cyber readiness

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