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FREE WHITEPAPER: How Gamified Cyber Ranges Support Student Learning

FREE WHITE PAPER: "The Faces of Cyber Ranges: Tapping into Experiential Skill Building for Cybersecurity Teaching and Learning"

The widening cybersecurity skills gap and staffing shortages demands a new approach to cyber skill development—and it can start with academic institutions like yours.  

Today’s learners need access to relevant cybersecurity learning experiences through virtual environments that emulate actual cyber scenarios. Hands-on learning experiences like this are proven to increase retention rates to 75% AND real-world exposure helps aspiring professionals thrive in the fast-paced cybersecurity industry.  

Now is the time to modernize cybersecurity teaching leveraging cyber ranges—and we will show you how.

What's Inside?

Crafted for academic institutions to understand the power of gamified cyber range learning and the benefits to student skill development, Circadence prepared this white paper to help inquiring minds like yourself:  

  • Understand how to evaluate cyber ranges to support curriculum for graduate, undergraduate, middle/high/primary school programs 
  • Learn what to look for in a cyber range training program for your students  
  • Gain insight into assessment pathways and workforce preparedness