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Do you have a quiet worry or loud challenge when it comes to teaching a cybersecurity topic? 

Project Ares is an award-winning platform of hands-on cyber security labs that enhance competency-based education. For practical experience that is as true-to-life as it gets, Project Ares labs include authentic security tools in immersive scenarios on a cyber range.

Pathways to classroom success

Build your Project Ares Teaching Toolkit!



You Teach | We Help you Prepare

🤔  What cyber course are you teaching this term?

Add Project Ares cyber exercises to your syllabus for hands-on, cyber range labs.

Our Instructor Training services help reduce your time and effort to prepare to use the new exercises in your classroom.




You Teach | We're your lab TA

🧑‍🏫  Need a cybersecurity teaching assistant? 

Add Project Ares cyber exercises to your syllabus for hands-on cyber range labs.

Our Training Assistant services include direct student interaction to use the Project Ares lab environment (and related tools) successfully. 



We Teach

📚 Ready to jumpstart your cyber curriculum but need an instructor?

We teach these introductory courses with Project Ares labs: 

• Incident Response 
• Cyber Forensics

Packages include lesson plan, instruction, student materials, and Project Ares cybersecurity labs. 



We Teach and Certify

📄 Looking for a partner to take your students all the way to a cyber certification?  

Our cyber education partner teaches and certifies for these roles: 

• Cyber Incident         
• Response Manager 
• Network Forensic     • Analysis Manager    
• Cybersecurity           • Operations Manager 

Package includes lesson plan, instruction, student materials, Project Ares cybersecurity labs - PLUS a culminating certification exam. 


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